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Products & Manufacturers

Our Product & Manufacturers

All of our principals meet either USFDA, Canada Health Protection Branch guidelines, BP, USP, or ISO standards. and other international standards.


Below are information for each of our principals with there respective individual product listing. However, you may download the combined product listing for the Generic and OTC’s products and can either email/fax or call us directly to place your orders.

Our Principals

Canadian Pharmaceutical Corporation® (CPC)

Quality Branded Generic Pharmaceuticals

Manufactured in accordance with Canadian specifications in under WHO-cGMP and ISO certified facilities, standards and are either BP or USP standards.


To view our CPC Product ID chart with actual Tablet and Capsule Presentations, please click here

Webber Naturals ®

Herbals, Vitamins and Minerals

Webber Naturals®, is a Canadian Manufacturer and an ISO 9002 certified company. (ISO – The International Organization for Standardization is a voluntary body that sets standards for quality assurance.) Webber Pharmaceuticals® produces a wide range of tested, trusted and effective vitamins, minerals, herbal remedies and other health supplements for the whole family, responding to today’s consumers who want(s) more natural health care options. Webber is a leading producer of herbals, supplements, and over the counter products.


To see the full Webber 2018 Product Catalog, please click here (Please allow the file to load properly)


Visit Webber® on the web at www.wnpharmaceuticals.com


To see the Webber Product flyers, please click here.

Holista Health Inc ®

Herbals & Supplements

Holista offers quality dietary supplements, but is more than supplements. Holista vitamins, minerals, herbals and specialty health products. Supplements comes in unique forms and formulas. Holista creams and topical products fill consumer needs that are not met by big name cosmetic products, and all our creams, lotions and shampoos are natural, hypoallergenic and gentle.


Holista meets or exceeds all North American quality control and regulatory standards and operates in full compliance with Health Canada’s stringent Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines.


Visit Holista® on the web at www.holista.ca


To see the Holista product catalog and flyers, please click here.

Sunkist ® Vitamins and Supplements

Vitamins C’s – Swallow and Chewable Tabs & Lozenges

Sunkist Vitamins and Supplements are made with 100% natural ingredients, no artificial colors and gluten free. The Sunkist product range includes Sunkist Vitamin C easy swallow tablets and capsules, Vitamin C chewable tablets in different flavors such as Tropical Breeze, Juicy Orange, Citrus Squeeze, and Strawberry, Vitamin C time release tablets and Zinc throat lozenges.


We also distribute an assortment of the Sunkist flavoured Gummie Fruit Snacks in delicious flavours such as real Orange, Peach, Strawberry, Banana and Wildberry which is peanut free, fat free and cholesterol free, and ideal for children and diabetics.


Visit Sunkist® on the web at www.sunkistvitamins.ca


To see the Sunkist product flyers, please click here.

Trudell Medical International

Excan Distributors Inc. is pleased to be one of Trudell’s Medical International authorized Caribbean and South American Distributors, supplying the complete line of Aerochambers to the Medical Profession, Institutions, and Pharmacies.


Trudell Medical Inc. is a leader in designing and manufacturing the highest quality aerosol drug delivery and lung health devices, also known as “Spacer Device” and “Valved Holding Chambers” for asthma in both children and adults, and for the effective management of respiratory ailments as it facilitates maximum inhalation of the active aerosol particles, thereby providing therapeutic relief and efficacy for patients.


Visit Trudell on the web at www.trudellmed.com



Nutravite is a Canadian company supplying natural health products manufactured in Canada. They are committed to producing the finest quality natural health products with all of their products tested for quality so that they can offer guaranteed potency and purity.  Nutravite products are of premium quality and available to you at affordable prices.


Visit Nutravite on the web at www.nutravite.com


Effervescent Tablets

A healthy body requires a healthy food. A healthy food is a balanced diet consisting of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals & trace elements. This ensures that the body has the desired energy to carry out its functions properly. By taking Roivit multivitamin the energy producing activities will be better. Roivit is an energy booster for every one ensuring that they live an active life style.


Effervescent tablets are available in Vitamin C 1000mg that Supports and protects the immune system, Calcium 300mg + Vitamin C 75mg for stronger bones and healthy body, Multi-Vitamin with essential vitamins with an exciting fizz and great ease, Iron 14mg + Vitamin C  75mg that support in anemia and natural energy production and Ginseng 15mg Plus that revitalize the body and mind.


Visit Roivit  on the web at www.roivit.com

To see the Roivit Product flyer, please click here.

To see the Roivit Technical Data Sheet, please click here.

Wampole ® Vitamins, Liquids, and Supplements

Vitamins, Liquids & Supplements

Wampole® is one of the most respected health and wellness brands in Canada. For well over a century, the Wampole name has been associated with products of exceptional quality. They have built their reputation on excellence and are proud of their leadership role in providing products that promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle. The Wampole name on our products is your guarantee of quality, consistency, effectiveness and safety.


Visit Wampole® on the web at www.wampole.ca 


See our listing of Wampole products, please click here.

Pharbest Pharmaceuticals Inc®

Non-Prescription Pharmaceuticals from USA

Pharbest Pharmaceuticals Inc is registered in the USA and meets US FDA manufacturing guidelines.


Visit Pharbest® on the web at www.pharbestusa.com


To See Pharbest Product Flyers, please click here.

Artron Laboratories Inc.

In-Home Diagnostics Kits & Pregnancy Tests

Artron Laboratories Inc. is a certified Canadian Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of rapid diagnostic tests. They have established an international reputation for excellence in the manufacturing of quality HCG Pregnancy Tests and medical diagnostic test kits. In addition, they have obtained approval licenses from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), CE Mark in the European union as well as Health Canada for most of our products.


Visit Artron Laboratories Inc  on the web at http://www.artronlab.com/home.html


To see our True Response Pregnancy Test flyer, please click here. 


To see our knowNOW Pregnancy Test flyer, please click here. 

Sunkist Fruit Flavoured Snacks

Healthy Fruit Flavoured Snacks

An assortment of Sunkist Fruit Flavoured Gummie  snacks in delicious flavours. Peanut Free, Fat Free & Cholesterol Free. Also available with No Sugar Added.


To see our Fruit Flavoured Snacks Flyer, please click here


Please visit www.ganong.com for further information on this supplier.

The Above Suppliers Are In Compliance With One or More Than One of The Following

If you are a manufacturer who may wish to have your product marketed and distributed on selected Caribbean markets through Excan Distributors Inc., please feel free to contact us.


Note: All product lists are now only available for download in PDF format, requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader (if you don’t have it, click below to transfer to the Adobe site and select an install file).


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